Litter Listing

The following is a list of currently planned litters by our member breeders. Please note that although our breeders agree to adhere to the LRCC’s Code of Ethics and by-laws, the LRCC is unable to guarantee that each breeder and each litter is within full compliance of these policies. Potential puppy families are strongly encouraged to always ensure that all health information is verifiable and to ask open ended questions to ensure ethical practices are followed.


It’s important to remember that although it’s impossible to guarantee against all health-related ailments, a breeder has the opportunity to put their best foot forward with the genetic testing that is currently available and using the best science available at the time of mating.

Litter Rating


Must meet LRCC Code of Ethics with publicly verifiable results.

Bronze Paw

All health testing requirements as outlined in the LRCC's Code of Ethics have been met and the results are available in a public and independently verified database (MyDogDNA & OFFA).


Parents have attained a CHIC number & meet LRCC's health requirements.

Silver Paw

Each parent has earned their CHIC number or equivalent (equivalent defined as a certified international hip score and such results are publicly verifiable in the OFA database).


Parents are listed in the Lagotto Foundation database.

Gold Paw

Each parent has been listed in the Lagotto Foundation database.

Planned/Expected Litters


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Stud Info

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Dam Info

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