Fiume Kennels Ltd.

Fiume Kennels Ltd.


At Fiume Kennels, we aim to improve the breed with each and every breeding we do. First and foremost, we breed for health and all of our breeding dogs are tested for hips, eyes, juvenile epilepsy, improper coat and more.

We pride ourselves on continuous learning about the breed, health, care, genetics, breed standard, training, temperaments, grooming, pedigrees and anything else we can think of to further pursue our goal of improving our breeding program with each breeding.

We LOVE all of our dogs and every puppy that we bring into this world.


Fiume Kennels
Elgin, New Brunswick
Tel: 647-925-1884
Fax: 506-756-1186

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“With every breeding, we carefully consider which dogs we feel would most complement one another in an effort to create offspring that is better than the previous generation.”Fiume Kennels Ltd.

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